In Review: The Last Batch

The Last Batch - Cover

Written by Chris Sides
Art by Dan Cornwell
Letters by Ken Reynolds

The Story: This is a tale of zombies. They are taking over everywhere. Well everywhere that sells a certain type of dark stout, anyway. A worker in a brewery gets bitten whilst night fishing and falls into the stout, infecting all those who partake. The ending has a certain drunken poetry to it, but I’ll let you have a look.

The Last Batch - Sample Page 1

The Last Batch - Sample Page 2


The Review: I get sent a lot of zombie comics. A real lot. About one a week, if I’m being honest about it. But this book, written by RedShift Press’ Chris Sides and drawn by the hotter than hot artist Dan Cornwell is top of the bunch by a yard of ale. It’s a short tale that caters to the Free Comic Book Day crowd but does so with humour, style and some top draw artwork.

The story was originally presented as part of 100% Biodegradable Issue issue 8, edited by Dave Hailwood and John Kirkham, but is presented here as a special FCBD offering. (The book is getting a launch on Free Comic Book Day at Alternate Universe Comics in Chesham. It is also available as a free download at It also has a new one page strip from Chris along with art from Randy Haldeman and colours by Daniel Franco.

A book that is gory, humorous and boozy has got to be worth a look. It’s done with character and a knowing wink to the reader. Fabulous stuff indeed.

A moral story telling us about the horrors of the Devil’s Brew? Possibly.

A reflection of how the creators act after a few jars? I couldn’t possibly comment.

Pop over to the Facebook page or find Redshift Press at a convention. They are turning into a really original small press publisher and definitely one to watch in the future.

• Chris has been putting great twisty horror stories out for a while now and last year saw the release of the excellent Dark Matter Volume 1 horror anthology. You can find him at or on Twitter @Sidesy1982

• Dan finished this story shortly before he got captured by John Wagner and Alan Grant for the Rom of the Reds comic that is also getting some outstanding word of mouth. You can find more examples of his art and on Twitter @dancornwellart

• You can find Ken at or on Twitter @kreynoldsdesign

Many thanks for reading.

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