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The Legend of Luther Arkwright by Bryan Talbot - Cover

What can I say about Bryan Talbot‘s new graphic novel, The Legend of Luther Arkwright that might usefully add to the much deserved praise it has already had on release?

In one timeline, perhaps, I could be pointing out that not only does this story build on a huge, involved history, the first Luther Arkwright story initially serialised in 1978, and that this new story took some two years of solid work to complete…

In another, I thought it best to refer Bryan Talbot fans to the huge amount of work the creator has put into keeping track of all the multiple story points in his huge story, the background work charted in the current exhibition at London’s Cartoon Museum

While in a third existence, I simply pick up the hefty 200+ story, published by Jonathan Cape and dived straight into reading the new adventure, and got blown away, once again, by the imaginary worlds of Luther Arkwright, just as I was when I read the first story in collection from Never Ltd (Serege Boissevain), many, many years ago.

The Legend of Luther Arkwright - Sample Art

Perhaps running scared of alienating possible new readers, promotions for The Legend of Luther Arkwright introduced by SF writer Adrian Tchaikovsky, declare this tale represents “a different kind of adult adventure” to the previous two Arkwright stories, while maintaining total continuity with the Arkwright mythos. Quite honestly, I’m not seeing that at all; this new story is pure Luther Arkwright adventure throughout, as it has always been, gritty, imaginative and thoroughly enjoyable, throughout.

The Legend of Luther Arkwright - Sample Art
The Legend of Luther Arkwright - Sample Art
The Legend of Luther Arkwright - Sample Art

As ever, Talbot uses the multiverse setting to savage modern politics and prick the mores of various cultures; but he has done that in previous Luther Arkwright stories. This time, though, perhaps he is even more cutting? Especially when Arkwright and company, for example, find themselves in a nightmare timeline where Britain has been corrupted by Brexit thinking and right wing ideology, throwing up a mirror on modern media.

The Legend of Luther Arkwright - Sample Art
The Legend of Luther Arkwright - Sample Art

For me, for all the scope of this story, set fifty years after Heart of Empire, The Legend of Luther Arkwright is not just about a battle with a deadly, apparently superior foe and the battle against it, across multiple historically divergent parallel worlds, both utopian and dystopian.

For all the drama, the jaw dropping twists and turns, the beauty of this new story comes from its quieter moments, those chances to pause for breath, for example as Luther regroups in a deserted mansion after nearly being killed; and the gentle asides, and observations, of mysterious characters looking back on events in the tale, all adding to the Arkwright mythos.

The Legend of Luther Arkwright - Sample Art

I’ve never made a secret of my enjoyment of multiverse tales, particularly in SF, ever since reading Keith Laumer‘s Worlds of the Imperium. Bryan Talbot brought many new angles to the entire concept from the get go with his original Luther Arkwright story, and The Legend of Luther Arkwright continues that, in consummate style.

It is a glorious epic of a story, much enjoyed. In many timelines…

John Freeman

• The Legend of Luther Arkwright, published by Jonathan Cape in the UK is available to buy in bookshops (Amazon Affiliate Link) | ISBN: 978-1787332324

• Bryan Talbot’s Luther Arkwright: 50 years of a British comics legend exhibtion runs until 2nd October 2022 at the Cartoon Museum, 63 Wells Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1A 3AE. Web: | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

• Bryan Talbot is online at

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