In Review: Underpants by Alex Potts

Underpants by Alex Potts - Coverby Alex Potts

Underpants is a selfppublished collection of mostly autobiographical short stories from the creator of last year’s excellent A Quiet Disaster, telling tales of the life and interests of its laconically sarcastic and observant creator.

Some of my favourites were as follows:

“Dogs Don’t Wear Glasses” – a questionable claim that Alex once saw a dog wearing glasses but was unable to fully catch up with it and prove his sighting.

  1. The brilliantly titled “People Are Getting On My Nerves” which, let’s face it, needs no explanation.

  2. “Alex Potts in Portugal” (I think he was on a boring holiday?).


  1. A scientific investigation into the creation of “Underpants” and a question solved as to why the word is plural.

Underpant - Sample Art 1
Having met Alex a couple of times, I wasn’t at all surprised to discover that Underpants is unsurprisingly silly. It has a sketch book feel to the art and was clearly created at moments of snarky inspiration. The art is a little less rendered than his work on A Quiet Disaster but is still great to read and capable of delivering the quirky and funny moments with glee.

Underpants - Sample Art 2

Alex is a London based comics creator and animator. His blog is entitled “Alex Potts is a serious , hardworking professional” and he lists his interests as ‘Complaining’. If you get to meet him in person he is exactly what you expect him to be after reading his stories.

You can grab a copy of Underpants at Orbital Comics and Gosh! in central London or look up with miserable maestro at or follow him on Twitter @AVPotts

Many thanks for reading.

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