IndieReview Revamped

IndieReview, the UK indie comics and manga portal has had a new revamp, focusing on sharp dynamic content with lots of great images and up to date news from the world of comics. The team behind the site have also introduced a new 5-star rating system to let people know what they think of a comic straight away, and are continuing their dissection of the webcomic world with the regular Webcomic Mole articles.

In addition to a good-looking “presentation” area on the home page for comics, they’ve also introduced a great new service for all indie comic creators, the ability to host your own WordPress blog on IndieReview (with a complimentary email address of course)!

IndieReview, the UK indie comics and manga portal was established in late September 2007 and covers all things small press in the UK from the latest news to reviews of latest small press comic offerings.

• You can keep up to date with new features by visiting the IndieReview blog and the main website at

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