International Literature Festival launches comic competition

The 12th International Literature Festival Berlin (ILB) will take place between 4th – 16th September and 2012 and, as in the past years the organisation will present over 100 authors from all over the world in more than 200 events.

This year’s festival focus will be “Europe” aimed at creating a “literary discourse, evaluating what role literature will and shall play for the European integration in the future.

In a non literary competition the organisation has decided the search of the European (self-) image shall be enlarged to the field of Comic Art with a competition entitled “Europe Now”.

Within this framework the ILB is looking for comics, which capture a (the) European reality, and perhaps the condition of the continent, how it appears to the comic author.

Comic artists from all over Europe are called to sent there work by 30th July 2012. A jury will select the “best comic”, which will be awarded with € 500 and exhibited during the festival.

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