Waiting a bit longer for Crucible…

STRIP Magazine Issue 1 - Previews Cover

Those of you who might be dipping into this blog for some tasty updates about our Crucible strip (you’re not just here for Daleks, are you?) will be disappointed to hear that you’ll have to wait to see the strip a little longer.

Bowing to commercial reality and the ongoing issues of delivering the Magazine to the UK – almost cracked! – STRIP‘s publisher, Print Media, has reluctantly decided to delay its planned news stand launch from June until September 2012.

The decision follows discussion with the company’s news stand distributors, who suggested that the autumn would be a far better time for the new incarnation to hit the newsagents, which makes total sense.

There’s more information about the delay on the STRIP Magazine blog here, but once Issue 5 – a giant-sized issue – is released in comic shops in the UK soon (much later than planned), STRIP will take a summer break.

Still, we can at least keep you happy with this amazing cover by Bernhard Kolle featuring Sylvana and Truug! We think it’s awesome.

Bernhard hails from Croatia but lives and works n Lubljana, Slovenia. He began his career drawing horror comics for the American market and drew the comic books Conny and Gespenster Geschichten between 1988 and 1996 for Germany’s Bastei Verlag. Between 1996 and 1999 he was back drawing horror stories for Dark Horse titles like Ghost in the US before returning to Bastei and Gespenster Geschichten to draw Maddrax and Vampira.

As well as covers for STRIP, he’s working on an action adventure story for the title.

STRIP – The Adventure Comic Magazine Issue 1 Volume 2 has been solicited in Diamond PREVIEWS for September 2012.

Crucible cover art by Bernard Kolle. Crucible copyright 2012 John Freeman and Smuzz


The founder of downthetubes, which he established in 1998. John works as a comics and magazine editor, writer, and on promotional work for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Working in British comics publishing since the 1980s, his credits include editor of titles such as Doctor Who Magazine, Star Trek Explorer (previously known as Star Trek Magazine) and more. He also edited the comics anthology STRIP Magazine and edited several audio comics for ROK Comics. He has also edited several comic collections, including volumes of “Charley’s War and “Dan Dare”. He’s the writer of "Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies" for B7 Comics; “Crucible”, a creator-owned project with 2000AD artist Smuzz; and “Death Duty” and “Skow Dogs” with Dave Hailwood.

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