Iron Legion Reprinted Again!

The Iron Legion, perhaps the most reprinted Doctor Who strip ever, is to be collected again, this time as a collection of several strips currently being published as a monthly comic by Idea & Design Works (IDW) for the US market.

IDW’s Doctor Who Classics comic is not being distributed outside North America for licensing reasons, but are offering the collected volumes of the title.

Doctor Who Classics Volume 1, which includes a newly coloured version of The Iron Legion written by Pat Mills and John Wagner and drawn by Dave Gibbons, is scheduled for release in July.

The Iron Legion was the first strip featuring Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor to appear in Doctor Who Weekly on its launch back in 1979, the story set largely on an alternate Earth where the Roman Empire never fell has been reprinted many times. This new colour version by Charile Kirchoff is impressive, judging from the quality of the first IDW issue.

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