It’s Death’s Head versus Death’s Head II! Revolutionary War hots up in February

Revolutionary War Part 4 - Death's Head #1

Here’s the solicitations for the Marvel Comics ‘Revolutionary War‘ titles on sale in February 2014, reintroducing today’s Marvel fans to the Marvel UK characters first conceived back in the 1990s. The storyline for the mini series, which debuts in January, is the brainchild of Andy Lanning and Alan Cowsill, who both worked on various Marvel UK titles.

The hype for Death’s Head II #1 isn’t strictly true – Marvel UK fans will know Death’s Head and Death’s Head II joined forces in the finale of the linking story of the Incomplete Death’s Head, drawn by Simon Coleby – but the chance of the majority of Marvelites knowing that are pretty slim, so we’ll forgive the PR department their excitement!

“I’m overjoyed to see my name on a Marvel art credit, alongside Andy Lanning and Alan Cowsill,” artist Nick Roche enthused on Twitter earlier today.


Variant Cover by Liam Sharp

Part 4 of “Revolutionary War”

• The long-awaited return of DEATH’S HEAD — one of the biggest hits of the original Marvel UK!

• Death’s Head! Death’s Head II! On an adventure together for the first time ever!

• What threat could be grave enough to bring these two heroes together from across time? How about the villainous Mys-Tech organization resurfacing with an army?!

32 PGS./ONE-SHOT/Rated T+ …$3.99

revolutionary-war-05-ssREVOLUTIONARY WAR: SUPERSOLDIERS #1

Variant Cover by TBD

Part 5 of “Revolutionary War”

• Some of the most popular heroes of Marvel UK return for SUPERSOLDIERS – and where the Supersoldiers go, trouble isn’t far behind!

• It’s the Supersoldiers versus Mys-Tech in all-out war!

• When a vast army of Mys-Tech Psycho Wraiths come calling on a small Scottish town, it’s up to the Supersoldiers to put them down for good!

32 PGS./ ONE-SHOT/Rated T+ …$3.99

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