It’s Hammer Time for Titan Comics as “The Mummy” debuts, and it’s a scream!

The Mummy #1 Cover A - by John McCrea

The Mummy #1 Cover A – by John McCrea

Today sees the launch of The Mummy, the first of several Hammer Films-inspired comic series from Titan Comics, written by the legendary Peter Milligan and drawn by Ronilson Freire, coloured by Ming Sen and lettered by Simon Bowland.

The line will see the publication of brand-new comic stories featuring classic Hammer properties, as well as wholly original Hammer stories, produced by Titan.

In The Mummy, for 2000 years the Sect of Anubis have prolonged their life spans through human sacrifice and the enslavement of an Egyptian High Priestess, cursed to walk the afterlife for all eternity.

On one night, every 30 years, the Sect must offer up a human vessel to house the spirit of the priestess Nebetah so that they can kill her and drink her blood, thus granting them immortality.

But this year they have chosen the wrong vessel and she’s not going willingly…

As you’d expect from Peter Milligan, the story opens in a disorienting manner, at first leaving the reader a little at sea as one human vessel falls foul to the  Sect of Anubis tricks. But that’s all to the good, because that feeling of disorientation is very definitely part and parcel of the tale, as a new victim is found, captured and is slowly taken over by the spirit of the priestess Nebetah. Feisty illegal immigrant “Angel” puts up a good fight for survival, but quite who she’s up against – and whether she really has any allies in her battle – remains to be seen.

Unsettling as the script is, it’s impact is more that aided by Ronilson Freire, whose credits also include Doctor Who for Titan, Justice Inc.: Invisible Death for DC Comics and Vampirella. He’s great evoking the Egyptian gods that inspire The Mummy, his very British villains of the piece positively drip with greed and nastiness, and the “nightmare” sequences that are a vital part of this story are brilliantly realised.

I’m loathe to compare one comics project with another because ultimately for me, each stand or falls on its own merits – and this one has plenty of merit. But, if you read Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing, or enjoyed the original House of Hammer magazine back in the day, then The Mummy is for you.

Here’s some preview pages to whet your appetite… for blood that is!

• Titan’s new Hammer line has some great stories in the works and more news on these is coning soon.

• Creator web links below the preview pages. The Mummy #1 includes a short feature on the original The Mummy film by Hammer Films expert Marcus Hearn

No local comic shop? buy The Mummy online from Forbidden Planet here

The Mummy #1 Cover B by Cover B: Tom Mandrake & M.D. Penman

The Mummy #1 Cover B by Cover B: Tom Mandrake & M.D. Penman

The Mummy #1 Cover C by Ronilson Freire

The Mummy #1 Cover C by Ronilson Freire

The Mummy #1 Cover D by Felix Ruiz

The Mummy #1 Cover D by Felix Ruiz

The Mummy #1 Cover E by Jeff Zornow

The Mummy #1 Cover E by Jeff Zornow

The Mummy #1 - Jetpack Comics / Forbidden Planet variant by Graham Humphreys

The Mummy #1 – Jetpack Comics / Forbidden Planet variant by Graham Humphreys

The Mummy #1 Preview 1

The Mummy #1 Preview 2

The Mummy #1 Preview 3

The Mummy #1 Preview 4

The Mummy #1 Preview 5

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