James Bond Aston Martin DB5 replica offered by Corgi Model Club

Re-issued for the first time ever, the Corgi Model Club is currently offering model car fans a reproduction of the original Corgi Toys Aston Martin DB5 261 that was created after its initial appearance in the 1964 box office smash, Goldfinger.

Available for a limited time only, priced £19.99 with gifts, the reissued model comes complete with all its gadgets, and bonus extras.

The most famous Corgi Toy ever produced, the feature packed James Bond Aston Martin model was rush-released in late 1965, just in time for the festive season. In only seven weeks, Corgi sold three-quarters of a million of this marvellous metal model, causing stocks to completely run out by Christmas Day.

Despite this huge number – it went on to sell just under four million! – fully working mint condition examples in their original boxes are extremely rare and valuable fetching many £000s at auction.

Re-issued for the first time ever, Corgi Toys are now able to offer the original Corgi Toys Aston Martin DB5 261 that was created after its initial appearance in the 1964 box office smash, Goldfinger.

Not only have they colour matched this model to the unique gilded livery of the original DB5 toy, but it also comes complete with those all-important working James Bond gadgets: the opening roof and working spring loaded ejector seat for dispatching any unwanted Baddies; retractable machine guns for shooting at rogue enemy spies; telescopic bumper over-riders to force SMERSH operatives off the road; and working pop-up rear bullet proof metal screen to protect against SPECTRE assassins trailing you…

Getting your hands on this new limited edition is your entry point to the Corgi Model Club, and there’s more information on the model here, along with what’s on offer – or head straight to this page on the Corgi Toys page and order now, while you can. (Make sure you click the “Add to Basket” on this page to order this, not the “join and save” link, which takes you elsewhere).

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 Corgi Model Club Page

After you join the Club, Corgi will send you a new model every month for £19.99 + P&P, saving you 25% – 45% off shop prices. You can cancel your membership of the club at any time. All Corgi Model Club Members receive each model for only £19.99 + P&P

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