Jimmy Broxton heads up new comics imprint

Recently launched, Verity Comics is a brand new Scratch Comics imprint, created in partnership by longtime independently publisher Shane Chebsey with acclaimed 2000AD artist Jimmy Broxton – and they‘ve just begun to reveal more about their first of several upcoming projects.

The Verity Comics logo was designed by James Hodgkins

Sometimes controversial comic artist, illustrator and storyteller Jimmy Broxton’s many credits span work for Rebellion, for both 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Lucasfilm, Dark Horse Comics, Amazon, Jet City (drawing a six-issue adaptation of Hugh Howey‘s WOOL, written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray), Cryptazoic, IDW, Paper Films and more.

His work on Rebellion’s reboot of “The Thirteenth Floor”, written by Guy Adams, inspired by a a strip first published in the short-lived Scream! back in the 1980s, will be included in a new collection from Rebellion next month. You may also have seen his work on “Laser Lennox in the Lair of the Sinister”, a recent “Tharg’s Future Shock” for 2000AD Prog 2339, written by Elizabeth Sandifer, lettered by Simon Bowland, still available as a back issue from the 2000AD webshop.

“The distinction of the Verity Comics imprint is that all titles published under it are completely creator owned,” says Shane.

“Initially, the titles will be exclusively created by Jimmy. However, we have talked about the possibility of other creators joining the label in the future, curated by Scratch Comics and Jimmy.”

The first title released is Fully Loaded, a satirical SF erotic thriller written, designed, drawn and lettered by Jimmy, an upcoming crowdfunding project, a model that is working well for some British independent comics publishers.

ADULT HUMAN FEMALE 2024, The Fully Loaded Girls of Jimmy Broxton

Tying in with this is the planned release of a tie-in art calendar for next year, ADULT HUMAN FEMALE 2024, The Fully Loaded Girls of Jimmy Broxton, lined up to launch now on Kickstarter, the announcement already provoking some varied reactions.

“It ties in with the launch of my upcoming comic series Fully Loaded,” Jimmy noted on Facebook. “It’ll not be for everyone I suspect, and might even prove to be a tad controversial (Moi, controversial? Sacré bleu), we will see, hopefully it will find favour with a discerning few.”

Jimmy will be a guest at the upcoming Bristol Comics Expo on Saturday 7th October, where, no doubt, fans will learn more about plans for the Verity Comics imprint. He’s already teased his exclusive Bristol Expo Fully Loaded variant cover for the new comic series, which will be available at the show.

Jimmy Broxton’s exclusive Bristol Expo variant cover for his new comic series, Fully Loaded, debuting later this year
Jimmy Broxton’s exclusive Bristol Expo variant cover for his new comic series, Fully Loaded, debuting later this year

When Jimmy isn’t not hard at work desperately trying to make sense of Guy Adams’ mind bending scripts for projects such as “Hope”, published in 2000AD, dabbling in the Dredd-Verse for the Judge Dredd Megazine, or willing various creator owned projects into existence by the power of thought alone (including a much-demanded follow up to the 2015 release, Goldtiger, are you reading this, Adams?) the artist says he can be found drinking fine Hellenic beers and driving German sports cars, but not necessarily in that order. He lives in Middle England, with too many books, not enough cats.

Get a sneak peek at ADULT HUMAN FEMALE 2024, The Fully Loaded Girls of Jimmy Broxton here on Kickstarter

An absolute delight - the upcoming Goldtiger from 2000AD

Goldtiger is still available from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

Antonio Barreti and Louis Shaeffer’s GOLDTIGER, the iconic 1960s comic strip that never was… until now! An obscure Italian artist and a down-to-earth British writer, worlds apart in both taste and ideology, came together to create a rival to Modesty Blaise that has lived in infamy. The duo’s adventures of Lily Gold and Jack Tiger were ultimately deemed too sensational for the nation s newspaper pages and the strip was cancelled before it even ran. This enthralling book presents ‘The Poseidon Complex’, the complete serial, lifting the lid on comics most unsung creation and includes letters, scripts, interviews and sketches all documenting the creation of the strip and the outlandish lives of its creators. It also presents ‘Goldtiger 2000’, offered to (but refused by) 2000AD for its launch in 1977 and details Barreti’s continued refusal to let his groundbreaking ideas die, even if nobody wanted to publish them. (Have you worked out this is an inventive, incredible spoof, yet, readers?)

The Thirteenth Floor – The Return of Max is published on 28th September 2023

The Thirteenth Floor: The Return of Max (Rebellion, 2023)


Max, the A.I. superintendent of Maxwell Towers has found a kindred soul in one of his residents, a young, disturbed boy call Sam Bowers. Together they work to rid the building of all the ne’er do wells who lurk in the dark corridors of the block, luring them to the dreaded thirteenth floor. But this power has started to corrupt Sam, surprising even Max – and their activities have not gone unnoticed, as WPC Hester Benedict becomes more aware of the sinister events taking place at the building.

The breakout star of legendary but short-lived British comic Scream!, Max and his thirteenth floor are back in a brand-new story written by Guy Adams (Hope) and includes art by Frazer Irving (Batman and Robin), Jimmy Broxton (Goldtiger, Hope), John Stokes (Star Wars), Tom Paterson (Sweeny Toddler), Kelley Jones (The Sandman), VV Glass (Doctor Who) and Vince Locke (A History of Violence).

Check out other projects featuring or fully illustrated by Jimmy Broxton on AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

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