John Cooper’s Rugby World Cup strip

For the Rugby World Cup final (yes, yes , I know it was a couple of weeks ago but I’m a bit behind) the Guardian newspaper produced a 12 page special full of the usual talikng heads, talking, as it turned out, turkey. Anyway, they also found room to comission a 15-panel strip from John “Johnny Red” Cooper who I haven’t seen produce a comic strip for what feels like a very long time.

Anyway, here it is….

John Cooper: Rugby World Cup Strip

I’ve had to stitch it together on my scanner because the newspaper is so large but hopefully that doesn’t detract from the overall quality or the joy at seeing John working on comic strips again.

The only other place I’ve seen his work recently (and even then not very often) is on Channel 4 news as their courtroom sketch artist.

This material is (C) The Guardian newspaper

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