Judge Dredd Weekly Issue 1

Here is another British comic cover that we wish was real.

After last week’s cover of Starblazer issue 282 created by artist Graeme Neil Reid (the pencils of which are still available to win in the current Scotch Corner competition) this cover from writer and designer Michael Carroll depicts the first issue of a weekly Judge Dredd comic from the IPC era.
Using a Carlos Ezquerra image of Dredd and the enticement of free gift of a Judge’s shield that you could add your own name onto (assuming that it wasn’t too long of course), you just know that you would have splashed out 10p to read more Dredd, Walter The Wobot, Max Normal and Psi-Judge Anderson stories.
Michael has more cover designs on his site including a picture of a weighty tome entitled Alan Moore: Selected Notes To The Milkman, Volume 1: 1982-1987 – a dig not at the man himself but rather at the dedicated fans who must read everything that Moore has ever written.
Michael Carroll will be appearing at the Hi-Ex comics convention in Inverness at the end of March.

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3 replies

  1. That’s nice and very convincing too.

  2. Oh man, that comic so should have happened 🙂

  3. Oh, I’d have had that title like a shot. That, and SD Weekly too.

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