Lakes Festival’s Cartoon Mascot springs to life!

The Felt Mistress (aka Louise Evans) has just released a “first look” at a real-world “Poblin”, one of the mascots for this year’s Lakes International Comic Art Festival designed by Jonathan Edwards. (See News story)

Expect to see Poblin and chums out and about over the Festival Weekend in Kendal 17th – 19th October. Tickets for events, which include guest appearances by Dave Gibbons, Scott McCloud, Gaile Simone, Sean Phillips, Bryan Talbot, Nick Abadzis, Lew Stringer, Mike Collins and many more, are on sale now.

From her studio in North Wales, Felt Mistress has created a legion of felt characters for the best part of a decade. Felt Mistress, AKA Louise Evans, describes herself as “a UK based stitcher and prolific tea drinker” who creates a range of one-off bespoke creatures with her partner, illustrator Jonathan Edwards.

The Lakes Festival 2014 poster, with Poblin taking centre stage.

The Lakes Festival 2014 poster, with Poblin taking centre stage.

Their work has been exhibited all over the world including shows in Osaka, Los Angeles, Berlin and London and used in ad campaigns, music videos and films. In 2010 they were given their own window in Selfridge’s iconic Oxford Street store as part of their Christmas display and were the focal point of the world famous concept store, the Wonder Room.

In 2011, Louise and Jonathan spent six weeks in Japan creating work for their gallery residency in Nara, where they headlined the Headspace arts festival in Osaka. Felt Mistress : Creature Couture, a 400 page book containing all their work to date, was published in November 2012.

Louise originally trained in fashion design and millinery and has brought many of the skills learnt through years of work as a couture dress maker to the world of character design. As well as original Felt Mistress characters, she has also collaborated with a variety of other artists including Jon Burgerman, Ben Newman and Pete Fowler.

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