Latest Commandos Have A Chilly Theme

Just to prove Commando is read around the world here are four members of the British Services Antarctic Expedition 2012 reading Commando in Antarctica. They are (left to right) Lt Col Pete Davis, Surg Lt Simon Hornby RN, Major Justin ‘Jez’ Stemp Royal Marines, Lt Cdr Paul Hart RN.

DC Thomson were one of the sponsors of the expedition and, as can be seen, supplied the team with Commando comics to keep them entertained. We are pleased to say that the expedition successfully achieved its objectives and returned safely.

Looking at this photo it seems somehow appropriate that two of the Commandos in the current batch are entitled War In The Snow and The Fighting Penguins.

4483 The Fighting Penguins
(Originally 1368, November 1979, re-issued as 2692, September 1993)
Story: R A “Monty” Montague
Art: Gordon Livingstone
Cover: Ian Kennedy

The RAF Regiment was formed during the Second World War. Its purpose…to defend airfields in the event of attack from the air or from ground forces. Some people scoffed at them — “Airmen who can’t fly?” they said, “They’re like penguins!”

Well, these airmen might not fly, but by jingo they could fight!

4484 The Cage
(Originally 758, July 1973, re-issued as 1955, January 1986)
Story: R A “Monty” Montague
Art: Galindo
Cover: Jordi Penalva

For over five hundred years the iron cage had hung there, swinging grimly outside the castle wall. No one knew how many wretches had suffered and died over the centuries, imprisoned by those stark, rusting bars.

Now it held a strange assortment of prisoners — a British sergeant, a German army officer and two German soldiers. A strange assortment yes — but they all had one thing in common. They were all to be shot at dawn…

4485 The Death Dealers
(Originally No 19, March 1962)
Story: Eric Hebden
Art: Cecil Rigby
Cover: Ken Barr

If you’ve already met…TOM, DICK and HARRY, you’ll know that when they’re around there’s plenty of action and trouble, plenty of grief — usually for Nazi Germany,
If you haven’t, the pleasure’s all yours.

But hang on to your hat, don’t relax your trigger finger for a second…for they’re a rough, tough trio. Fast-moving, hard-hitting, they give no quarter and expect none – one of the reasons Germans call them…

4486 War In The Snow(originally No 2104, July 1987)
Story: Alan Hebden
Art: Denis McLoughlin
Cover: Keith Walker

When a Wellington bomber with a very special cargo on board crashed in Norway, things were bad enough, but to make matters worse the Nazis had found out about it. So the race was on to reach the plane, with both the Germans and British speeding towards the crash site. On one side, a special snowmobile. On the other, a team of huskies!

• The Draw Your Weapons exhibition featuring art from Commando continues at the National Army Museum in London this month and runs until 30th April 2012. For the latest information visit:

• The Draw Your Weapons exhibition featuring art from Commando continues at the National Army Museum in London this month and runs until 30th April 2012. For the latest information visit:

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