CD Comics ‘Meadowhell’ reveals the true horror of shopping

Meadowhall Shopping Centre is located between Sheffield and Rotherham and is just like every other shopping mall – but independent comic company CD Comics has published a humorous Surreal Murder Mystery Graphic Novel on CD-ROM that has sold triple figures locally and has now been released on Kindle and

The writer and artist Craig Daley gives us a story that deals with the fictional, but gruesome murder of three security guards in Meadowhall, two months prior to the opening. The bizarre murders take place on the night of the Summer Solstice in 1990 and D.C.I Bramley of the Met is called in to deal with the triple homicide.

The fast paced investigation that follows leads the Police into areas they had not expected and ends with several shocking and surreal discoveries.

The digital format allows the reader the opportunity to zoom in and analyse each page for clues and carry out their own investigation.

The CD’s cover carries the warning, “What follows could change the way you shop forever.” and reassures us that, “the names of the innocent have been changed, but the guilty have remained the same so that we can be sure this never happens again.”

Craig Daley worked for a few years on the comic strip The Jerks for the national magazine Making Music, but tells us Meadowhell is a return to his roots as a born and bred Sheffield lad who prefers creating comics in a longer comic book format.

“It’s Hammer Horror meets Silent Witness with a bit of Richard Dawkins to confuse matters, he says.

As well as beng on sale online CD Comics Meadowhell and their other titles are available at three Sheffield retailers: the Wicker’s Sheffield Space Centre, Broomhill’s Galaxy 4 and Rare and Racy on Devonshire Green, for £2.50.

Other titles currently available locally and on Kindle include Spring Heeled Jack, Football Crazy, Manhattan 1930 and War Nurse, the latter a reinvention of a public domain heroine created in the 1940s.

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