Latest issues of FANSCENE now available as print editions

FANSCENE #3 and 4, published by David Hathaway-Price, also curator of the brilliant Classic UK Comics Zines web site, are now available as Special Edition Print versions.

FANSCENE Issue Four Cover

Issue Four comes with a gorgeous Fireball XL5 cover by fan legend Mark Ammerman and inking royalty Carlos Garzón, an issue that pays tribute to writer and publisher Stan Lee and legendary TV Century 21 and Look-In artist Mike Noble – both sadly no longer with us.

“My hope this year, was that I would be able to sell enough copies of Issue Two to break even, and allow myself enough wiggle room to be able to self-finance both these issues,” says David. “That might still happen eventually, but as it stands you guys would be waiting a long time to get your hands on them.

“So I’ve decided to go the print-on-demand route with the brilliant Steve Bee, and the team at Artithmeric.

“I’m aware that this is a more expensive option than some, but the production values and service is very impressive (the hardback reminds me of nothing so much as one of the Christmas annuals I loved so much as a child, and it will I’m sure, be very hard-wearing).

“The FANSCENE PDF files will remain free, and you still have the option to have it printed yourself if you wish, but I think that this is really something a bit special, should you want a ready-made hard copy to read.

“My ethos for this whole project has always been that it should be non-profit making,” David continues, “so with that in mind, the printer has kindly offered to provide the zine ‘at cost’, with no markup (and I won’t be making anything, either).”

Artithmeric, who provide Print in Demand editions of a wide rage of comics and graphic novels, have also offered to donate £1.00 for each copy printed, to the Cartoon Museum in London. (David is not associated with the Museum in any way, nor endorsed by them).

David says edited versions of FANSCENE Issues One and Two may well be published in the near future.

FANSCENE 3 is 160 pages and costs £17.25 and FANSCENE 4 is 88 pages and costs £15.75 plus £4.00 p&p from Artithmeric – see web site for US delivery costs

Post and packing is a flat rate, so if you wanted to order the zine, plus four of the other publications from the site, it would remain the same

Check our the full Artithmeric Print on Demand service and titles for sale

Classic UK Comics Zines web site

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