Latest London Film and Comic Con offers large comic creator line-up

London Film and Comic Con 2019 MontageAlongside numerous film and TV actors, celebrities and much more, the upcoming London Film and Comic Con has a huge roster of comic creators attending its next show at Olympia later this month.

Comics creators attending include: UK Comics Laureate Hannah Berry; Amrit Birdi (Username saga, Assassin’s Creed); Simon Bisley (Lobo, Slaine, Batman Vs Dredd); Dan Boultwood (Newbury & Hobbes, It Came!, Hope Falls); John-Paul Bove (Transformers, TMNT, GI Joe); Jess Bradley (Beano, The Phoenix); Lee Bradley (Spider-Man, Transformers, TMNT); Andy Brigg (Madison Dark, Supervized, Legendary); Kate Brown (Spider Moon, Wicked + The Divine, Young Avengers); Laura Braga (Witchblade, Wonder Woman, DC’s Bombshells); Mark Buckingham (Fables, Sandman, Miracleman – whatever happened to that?); Kit Buss (Critical Role, The Thrill Electric); Lee Carter (The Darkness, 2000AD); Andrew Cartmel (Doctor Who, Rivers of London); Jeremy Clark (Prodigy, Lady Death, Grimm Fairy Tales); Mike Collins (The Flash, Doctor Who); Paul Cornell (Doctor Who, Wolverine, Saucer State); Henry Davies (Beano, Dandy, Marvel); Richard Dinnick (Doctor Who, Lost In Space); Peter Doherty (Young Death, Shaolin Cowboy); 2000AD, Eagle and all round British comics veteran Mike Dorey, making only his second major comics event appearance; the legendary Trevor Von Eeden (Batman, Green Arrow, co-creator of Black Lightning); Gary Erskine (Hellblazer, Captain America, Dan Dare, Star Wars); Simon Furman (Transformers, Robotech, To The Death); Chris Geary (Aces Weekly, Spirit of the Pharoah); Kieron Gillen (Star Wars, Wicked + Divine, DIE); Martin Griffiths (Action Man, New Titans, Thundercats); David Hine (Batman, X-Men, Witchblade); designer and artist Rian Hughes (Dan Dare and more); PJ Holden (2000AD, Terminator, Robocop); the co-creator of War Machine, Kev Hopgood (Doctor Who, Iron Man, Judge Dredd Megazine); Frazer Irving (2000AD, Batman, Doctor Strange, Justice League); Staz Johnson (Avengers, Detective Comics, 2000AD); Rich Johnston (Bleeding Cool, Doctor Who); Jack Lawrence (Transformers, TMNT, Spider-Man, Star Trek); Tony Lee (Doctor Who, Spider-Man); Titan Comics Senior Editor David Leach (Psycho Gran); Sonia Leong (Assassin’s Creed, Manga Shakespeare); Yishan Li (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy, Batwoman); Rob Liefeld (creator of Deadpool, X-Force and Cable); David Lloyd (Aces Weekly, V For Vendetta, Hellbazer); Stu Mackay (Batman Legends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Jessica Martin (Doctor Who, IT Girl); Mariela Malova (Dark Lines of London, Raggedy Man Tales); Nika Nartova (Beano, Dandy); Ciarán Marcantonio (Neon Skies, Vikings); John McCrea (Batman, The Punisher, Hitman); Nigel Parkinson (Beano, Dandy); James Peaty (Supergirl, Doctor Who); Grant Perkins (Doctor Who, WWE); Ian Richardson (2000AD, Captain America); David Roach (2000AD, Doctor Who, Batman); new Death’s Head series cover artist Nick Roche (Transformers, Spider-Man); Ramon Rosanas (Ant-Man, Star Wars, Captain Marvel); John Royle (Danger Girl, GI Joe, Wolverine); Mark Russell (Red Sonja, Snagglepuss, Wonder Twins); Stephen Saleh (Dark Lines of London); Geoff Senior (Transformers, Death’s Head); Liam Shalloo (Transformers, Spider-Man); Edmund Shern (Freedom Formula, Justice League); Will Sliney (Spider-Man, Star Wars); Rachael Smith (Doctor Who, Artificial Flowers); Lew Stringer (Beano, Doctor Who); Marvel Zombies artist Arthur Suydam; Lee Townsend (2000AD, Spider-Man, Transformers); Emma Vieceli (BREAKS, Life Is Strange, Olivia Twist, Supergirl); Paulina Vassileva (Rivers of London); Dutch Comics Laureate Margreet de Heer; Rob Williams (Roy of the Rovers, Suicide Squad, Doctor Who); Phil Winslade (Batman, Goddess, Judge Dredd: The Megazine); Renee Witterstaetter (Superman, She Hulk, The X-Files); And ace colourist Yel Zamor (Rivers Of London, Warheads).

Illustrators such as Chris Achilleos (Heavy Metal, Doctor Who) and Jeff Cummins (Doctor Who), and Marvel Comics Science Consultant Mick Schubert will also be at the event, alongside publishers such as Markosia Publishing, and some of the team from the newly re-opened Cartoon Museum and America’s The Jack Kirby Museum.

Properly putting the comics into “Film and Comic Con”, with more being added to the list as the event fast approaches, this comic creator line-up alone should surely pique the interest of many a downthetubes reader, but add on the massive film and TV celebrity line up and there no question this is an event to get to if you’re in London that weekend!

• London Film and Comic Con, Friday 26th – Sunday 28th July, London Olympia – | Web:|Tickets available here

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