Latest “Men of Violence” tackles historical fiction

Men of Violence Issue 11 - CollageThe latest issue of the fanzine of men’s adventure paperbacks, Men of Violence (Issue 11) is a historical fiction special from Justin Marriott with a cover by Rik Rawling.

Historical fiction is popular today, but the number of titles available is nothing compared to the genre’s heyday between 1950 and 1980.

The Last of the Vikings by Henry Treece

Captain Blood Returns by Rafael Sabatini

Step back in time and find out more about the fictional adventures of Vikings, Roman soldiers, pirates and soldiers of fortune from a team of writers that includes Paul Bishop and Joe O’Brien.

This 68 pages, all colour issue comes packed with reproductions of rare and unusual paperbacks, and includes a feature on “Forgotten Cover Artists”, plus articles, reviews, interviews and features onBarry Sadler’s Eternal Warrior,  Casca and authors Stuart Cloette, Gardner Fox, Henry Treece, Talbot Mundy, Rosemary Sutcliff and Rafael Sabatini.

Casca - The African Mercenary Justin Marriott publishes a series of terrific fanzines through Amazon’s Createspace service which are primarily dedicated to vintage paperbacks, but often cross over into comics material. They’re well worth a look.

Men of Violence Issue 11 is available here on Amazon (using this link helps support downthetubes, thank you)

Check out Justin’s most recent zines here on – using this link helps support dowthetubes

There’s an interview with Justin here about his titles on MensPulpMags

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