Latest Spaceship Away offers early Christmas good wishes!

The latest issue of Spaceship Away, Part 58, the Dan Dare-inspired glossy zine offering new original Dare stories and more, is available now.

 Spaceship Away, Part 58 - Cover

This Christmas issue includes the usual mix of strips and features, opening with the continuation of “Dan Dare – Voyage of the Ankum“, written by John Bailey, drawn by Richard Woods, with text and editing by Des Shaw, coloured by Martin Baines.

Also included is more of “Jeff Hawke, The Comet’s Tale”, a colourised version of what was a monochrome tale by Sydney Jordan; and “Target: Earth” Episode 9 by Gordon Coombs, with art by Harry Winslade. Plus, there’s the latest episode of “Nick Hazard – Invaders from Time”, too, written by Philip Harbottle, drawn and lettered by Ron Turner, coloured by Martin Baines.

 Spaceship Away, Part 58 - Dan Dare
 Spaceship Away, Part 58 - Jeff Hawke
 Spaceship Away, Part 58 - Target Earth
 Spaceship Away, Part 58 - Nick Hazard

The features this issue are a retrospective of the life and work of comic archivist Denis Gifford, written by Andrew Darlington, and Norman Wright details his memories of writing Hawk Books marvellous Dan Dare Dossier.

Plus, Ray Wright treats us to more space news, and there’s another feature on one take on Cities in Space, drawing on 1950s sources.

Spaceship Away was first published in the Autumn of 2003, twelve years after Rod Barzilay, the title’s original editor, took the first steps in a project to create a new Dan Dare story, entitled “The Phoenix Mission“. The story was written by Rod and it was illustrated by Don Harley and Keith Watson, both of whom had worked long before, on the Dan Dare stories in Eagle in the 1950s and 1960s.

 Spaceship Away, Part 58 - City in Space

Today edited by Des Shaw, Spaceship Away typically, contains newly-written Dan Dare adventure stories, together with other strip-illustrated stories, also in the science fiction genre. Features sometimes include illustrated text-based stories alongside factual articles, such as biographies of of some of the original contributors to the Eagle of the 1950s, such as writer Alan Stranks in this issue and other articles on historical topics, science fiction literature or science. 

The title now includes a regular Space News section, bringing readers up to date with space transport and science developments and planned projects in the real world.

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• Jeff Hawke –

• Jeff Hawke Club

• Bear Alley – Steve Holland’s profile of artist Harry Winslade

A fantastic piece of detective work about the comic creator, whose credits also included illustrations for the Eagle, “The Brainy B’s” for Zip and the “Battle Brothers” for Express Weekly, as well as working on various boys and girls titles for DC Thomson

Express Weekly: a forgotten treasure? By Lew Stringer

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