Guillem March early creator-owned project, Laura, gets new outing from Ablaze Publishing in November

Portland-based American comic publisher ABLAZE publishing has announced a November launch of a new edition of writer/artist Guillem March’s early creator-owned project, Laura, a slice-of-life exploration into the mind of a young woman who experiences unrequited love, told in an honest and beautiful way.

Laura and Other Stories by Guillem March (ABLAZE, 2021)

Issue 1 will feature main cover art by Guillem March, and a variant cover by Gerald Parel.

Guillem March is a renowned Spanish comic book artist, illustrator, best known for his work with DC Comics, including titles such as Batman and Gotham City Sirens, Harley Quinn and more. He started his career in comics in 2000, with Spanish publisher, Eros Comix, making his US debut with DC Comics in 2008.

Guillem has also published his own art books and comic books, including Monika, Summer Muse, and most recently, his creator own comic published in 2020, Karmen.

Back in his twenties, before success with Batman, the hit Joker series, and Karmen, published by Image Comics, Guillem March created the heartfelt story of Laura, the book that led him into the mainstream comics world, published by Dolmen in Spain.

Laura #1 variant cover by Gerald Parel
Laura #1 variant cover by Gerald Parel

He successfully crowdfunded a digital English language version of his final creator owned project before beginning his work for DC back in 2016, translated by artist David Soto Brown. He also treated his ardent fans, briefly, to a free PDF of the comic last year.

Now, an English language edition will be available in print, thanks to Ablaze.

Suffering from the ever-painful experience of unrequited love, twenty-year-old Laura examines her life. Is the fact that the boy she has feelings for is in love with someone else mean there is something wrong with her? Or is that just how young love goes? And what will happen when she tries to get past the hurt and move on with her life?

Laura is one of the books I made when I still wasn’t working doing superhero comic-books for DC Comics,” Guillem said of the book back in 2016. “Most people, especially from the US, started noticing my work when I was chosen to draw Gotham City Sirens or Catwoman, but before that I had been working in indie comics for more than 10 years, and had released several books in the Spanish scene, and a couple also in France.

“Back then, I wasn’t a full-time professional artist. I was the writer, penciler, inker, colourist, and letterer of all my books. To me, doing the whole thing is the natural way of doing comics, so if I could make a living doing my own comics, probably I’d choose that. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy doing superheroes, but it’s more dificult to keep your own voice when you work with many more creators.

Laura, in the white coat, feels her life is overshadowed
Laura, in the white coat, feels her life is overshadowed

“I was lucky enough that a local newspaper was interested in my work and I could serialise Laura, doing one page every week. That was around 2003 – 2004. Soon after, the story was collected in a beautiful hardcover book by Spanish publisher Dolmen.

Guillem March
Guillem March

“Print runs in Spain are extremely low and the return I got never made up for all the work behind these pages. But hey, making comics are my passion!”

“Guillem March tackles heartbreak and young love in a poignant and realistic way in Laura,” says Rich Young, co-founder of ABLAZE publishing. “And his artwork on this book is excellent throughout. Guillem fans are certain to enjoy it.”

Available through comic shops and digital platforms, Laura will have advance solicitations starting next month (September) with scheduled print and digital debuts set for 3rd November 2021.

• Guillem March’s Laura and Other Stories #1, by Guillem March | MSRP: $3.99 • Solicit Date: September 2021; Comic Release Date: 3rd November 2021

• ABLAZE: | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Guillem March is online at | Twitter

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