Les Starblazeurs

It has been eleven months since both downthetubes and Bear Alley mentioned the Starblazer Adventures role-playing game due out from Cubicle Seven.

The Starblazer Adventures core rulebook is now scheduled to be in games stores in “Autumn/Winter 2008” according to the Cubicle Seven website, which means that it may still beat their other licenced SF role playing game, Doctor Who, to the shops (but admittedly it is unlikely to outsell it). In the meantime you can download a PDF preview of the rulebook from the Cubicle Seven site.

If you cannot wait for a new dose of Starblazer then take a look at the downthetubes list of Starblazer foreign editions where, with the help of Shaqui Le Vesconte, we have added details of the French Starblazer reprints.

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