Liam Sharp teases StarHenge project, coming next year via Image Comics

Award-winning comic artist, writer and publisher Liam Sharp (Green Lantern, Wonder Woman) has confirmed Image Comics will be publishing his latest creator-owned project StarHenge, launching in June 2022.

“Image said it was OK for me to mention it in an interview,” he announced on Twitter, so “I’m letting you know here that they will be publishing my StarHenge comic series and TPB next year in June, with the oversize collector’s hardback coming via Kickstarter and Sharpy Productions.”

Liam has also shared his covers to the first issue.

The covers represent future (Merlin) present (Amber Weaver) and past (Arthur).

“I have some amazing variants by some incredible creators I can’t wait to share down the line too,” he also revealed.

Earlier this year, shortly after his hugely successful Kickstarter for his art book, Encore: Gold – The Art of Liam Sharp raised $132,000, Liam revealed he’d been working StarHenge, which he describes as on an Arthurian epic, for over 30 years on and off, refining and refining it, and was looking for a publisher.

“Book One would be a 60-page graphic novel called ‘The Dragon and the Boar’,” he teased.

“The work is meticulously researched adult fare, referencing the gritty fifth century source material, later romantic Sir Thomas Malory work – with a new twist – and sci-fantasy elements of my own.

“There are four books in all,” he added. “Each would be released as a complete volume. I think it is time I started to get serious about it.

StarHenge Teaser art by Liam Sharp
More of Liam’s teaser art for StarHenge

“I believe there is an audience for this material even if publishers are shy of it. Time to have a little faith!”

The project sounds like it has echoes of some of the kind of mythical fantasy elements Liam brought to Marvel UK projects such as Bloodseed, which he created after his success over three decades ago co-creating Death’s Head II with Paul Neary and Dan Abnett.

“35 years of learning and working, and every illustrative love I’ve ever had in comics and art and stories in general, are going into this,” says Liam.

“It’s the best I have to give, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the journey with me.

“Time to let your Local Comic Shop Let your know what’s heading their way…”

Sharpy Productions:

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