Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson DVD released, more merchandise on way

Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson DVD


Anderson Entertainment has lined up a host of new products and content inspired by the work of the late British producer Gerry Anderson which will hit shelves and screens in the coming months, and more guests for this year’s Andercon (12th – 14th June) in Leicester.

New offerings include The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson DVD set (out today from Network, 30th March 2015), gathering a number of pilots for his shows that did not go to full series, including both The Investigator and The Day After Tomorrow, as well as the 1986 pilot for Space Police, which was eventually reworked as Space Precinct nearly a decade later.

Alongside these rare and much sought after programmes, this collector’s set also includes You’ve Never Seen This – Gerry’s directorial debut, from 1955; Here Comes Kandy – a colour puppet pilot made by Gerry’s company Pentagon Films in 1956; image galleries for all three 1970s and ’80s pilots; a new transfer of remaining film elements for Space Police, alongside the ‘Reloaded’ 1992 edit and test footage; Dick Spanner, PI, an unscreened episode with accompanying image gallery; and Blue Skies Ahead and an accompanying Blue Cars advert, made by Gerry in partnership with Nicholas Parsons.

A Thunder Bird At Bomber CommandGemini Force One: Black Horizon, the first book in a trilogy of action-adventure stories written by Gerry Anderson in 2008, initially funded through a hugely successful Kickstarter, gets its mass market release on 2nd April, published by Orion; and a new look at the history behind one of Anderson’s most well-known projects, the book A Thunder Bird at Bomber Command, will be released in May.

Shot down and killed in April 1944, Lionel Anderson, a low flying Mosquito intruder pilot, was part way through his second tour of operations. He had survived his first tour stooging up and down the French coast in an outdated Boulton Paul Defiant to confound the German night fighter defences and allow the Royal Air Force bombers a free run to the target.

Lionel’s journey to war had been one of enormous excitement, most of which had been spent training in the sunshine and mountains of Arizona, flying during the day and partying hard at the weekends. A prolific letter writer, Lionel continually regaled his parents with tales of cowboys and indians, rattlesnakes and spiders, ground loops and near misses. He also talked of his Hollywood connections, his new ‘pals’ Preston Foster and Gene Tierney, and a movie in which he had ‘starred’ as an ‘extra’.

In A Thunder Bird in Bomber Command, acclaimed military aviation historian Sean Feast pieces together Lionel’s story revealing a young man dearly loved by his mother and father. He was similarly worshiped by his younger brother, Gerald, who would go on to become a world-renowned television producer, director, and writer. It was Lionel’s connection with a little-known film that was to inspire Gerry Anderson to create a global phenomena – the legend of Thunderbirds.


Terrahawks: Big Finish Audio Series


The  new Terrahawks audio series, created in partnership with Big Finish launches next month (April) and a new animated web series, “Zeroids vs. Cubes,” is currently in development.

The new audio series is set after a considerable period of inaction, as the Terrahawks once again find themselves called into action when the villainous Zelda initiates a brand new campaign of destruction and devastation on Earth. Facing up against terrifying time travellers, fraudulent financial fiascos, sickening stand-ups, and deadly doppelgängers,  their new adventures could prove to be the Terrahawks’ most challenging missions to date… Here’s a trailer for the first story…



As well as this teaser, a fantastic infographic by designer Chris Thompson has also been released by Anderson Entertainment to refresh the memories of fans, and introduce the Terrahawks universe to those who are unfamiliar with the series, which you can view here on the official Gerry Anderson website.

Guests at Andercon 2015 not only include actors and behind the scenes team members on various Gerry Anderson shows such as special effects designer Brian Johnson (Space: 1999, Thunderbirds and more) and voice artists David Graham and Shane Rimmer, but comics artist Lee Sullivan, who not only drew Thunderbirds strips for the Redan-published Classic Thunderbirds comic and is well-known for his stunning Doctor Who comics; but who has also drawn promotional comic strip for the in-production show Firestorm, now in production after getting backing from Anderson fans through Kickstarter.

Lee is currently working in the new Rivers of London: Body Work comic written By Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel for Titan Comics.

More guests will be announced in the coming weeks, together with details of screenings and Q&A panels taking place at the event.

• You can pre-order the Terrahawks audio series now from Big Finish (CD or download) or the Gerry Anderson store (CD only)

• Gerry Anderson – Official Site: www.gerryanderson.co.uk

• Andercon 2015: Official Site: www.andercon.co.uk

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