In Review: Saltire – Annihilation Part 2

Annihilation Cover

Writer: John Ferguson
Art: Claire Roe
Colour: Lauren Knight
Publisher: Diamond Steel Comics
Out: 11th April 2015

The Book: As blood thins and silence echoes, a fresh torment builds behind the southern wall. When heroes fall, who will stand against an unyielding force and the brutal terror from the earth? The freedoms of a nation laid bare before a cruel and tyrannical foe, for as one battle ends another must begin. To fight, to endure, to survive…

The Review: Annihilation Part 2 the third release in the Saltire series and continues to build upon a solid foundation for Diamond Steel Comics. Claire Roe‘s  art has improved greatly with the colouring by Lauren Knight perfectly complementing this installment.

In Annihilation Part 1 we began with Scotland under attack from the Angles and the Saxons under the rule of the Mercyan as they seek to expand their influence North through the strength of their sword arms and magic most foul. And the Guardians of Scotland must do battle with their enemies from outside the land to protect the weak and the innocent. They are the victims of this new enemy that does not acknowledge that there are those that you do not battle as it is little more than murder to destroy the weak.

Annihilation Part 2 continues that story with much of Scotland under the occupation of the Mercyan’s Army with dark assistance being lent to him by Ester, the Saxon Oracle. The Guardians stand alone as Saltire is laid low by the curse of the Scots. And they are dying one by one. It looks like a dark future of occupation is in store for the Scots, unless the Guardians and Saltire can recover.


Saltire Press Image 1


Of all the issues, this is probably the most action packed of the episodes so far, but as the first two had to set up the story and introduce us to the characters, it has been refreshing for this book to go straight into the action.

The stories are worth reading and while the idea is that of a Scottish superhero, we can see the broad strokes of Celtic mythology poking through. The good news is that every time Diamond Steel Comics publish a new chapter in this series, we are seeing significant improvement each time. And with the news that there will be a collected version later this year, this can only bode well for this small but perfectly formed publisher.


Saltire Press Image 2



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