Macbeth – The Interactive Motion Comic!

MacbethCoverAnimated-thumb-215x215.gif(With thanks to Birmingham Mail‘s “Speech Balloons”): British publisher Classical Comics has just launched a series of interactive motion comics, starting with its award-winning Macbeth.

“It’s been nearly a year in the making — and still isn’t quite finished!” say the company, who will be attending the UK Education Show to promote their entire comics range this week.

The Interactive Motion Comic features the wonderful artwork of Jon Haward (who has just been interviewed over on Imagine Daily) and offers all three text versions of our Macbeth graphic novel (Original, Plain and Quick Text) on disc – a format designed to give teachers and students “the very best environment” in which to experience the play. The format lets viewers choose to view one panel at a time or sit back and watch in movie mode and includes context notes for the Shakespearean language.

Not only do you see the characters from one of Shakespeare’s best-loved tragedies move, but you also hear them speak in a full audio production that includes the vocal talents of the wonderful
Juliet Stevenson (Truly, Madly, Deeply, Bend It Like Beckham, The Snow Queen) and the eminent Sir Derek Jacobi (I, Claudius, Hamlet, Doctor Who).

“We’ve taken the stunning artwork of Macbeth and created an Interactive Motion Comic featuring all three text versions in one engaging visual and audio experience!, ” Creative Director Jo Wheeler told the Birmingham Mail.

“It’s ideal for whole class teaching, for small groups, or for personalised learning.

“The concept of Classical Comics is truly inspirational, creating, as it does so magnificently, an accessible and fascinating mix of visual and audible drama,” says Jacobi of the Classical Comics range. “The stage and the page brought vividly to life.

“The artwork of Jon Haward is both dramatically compelling and beautifully illustrative. His pictures illuminate the words to perfection and bring these great works leaping to mind and eye.

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