Make Your Own Film-Inspired Comic Strip Challenge

Kick Ass movie

(via Andy Diggle and Creative Review): UK indie film magazine Little White Lies is challenging comic creator to re-imagine your favourite film as a six frame comic book story. The best mini-strips will then be featured in the next issue.

The competition ties in with the upcoming release of the Kick Ass movie based on the comic by Mark Millar, which will be the next ‘cover’ film for the magazine.

• All entries, which must be received by 6.00pm on Friday 12th February must be black and white. No grayscale may be used – they’re looking for a traditional comic book style. Please use whatever media you see fit.

• All entries should be sent to as 300dpi JPGs or Tiffs, full size, (all downloadable templates are the correct size) or they won’t be good enough quality to print in the magazine. If your finished artwork is too large to email, please use a file transfer site such as YouSendit.

• You must stick to their template exactly, not breaking down the boxes or altering the format. (Download the template here, zip file)

• The brief is open to interpretation, so it can be literal or more skewed, if you prefer. “So long as it tells the full story of one film, in a manner that would be pretty much coherent to someone who’d never seen it, we’re happy,” say the magazine.

More info on the Little White Lies web site

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3 replies

  1. Thanks for this John, it is so far up my alley it hurts 😉

    Tonight I;m going to spend a while in front of m DVD mountain going “Oo that one”, “no this one” and on and on and on.

  2. There is now a thread running for this over on the 2000AD forums – looks like we might end up with at least half a dozen, so thanks for the tip.

  3. Thanks for the tip John, it was the 2000 AD forums that won it, OK it was all Crave Noir‘s hard work but the pride in the win rubs off. Also we have yet to see who made the shortlist that will appear in the online version of the magazine, so I have my fingers crossed for that too.

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