Crikey! It’s The Cloak!

crikey13.gifBritish comic fans heading to their local comic store should ask if they’re stocking Crikey!, the monthly magazine devoted to British comics, if only because the latest issue marks the return of Mike Higgs’ The Cloak.

The Cloak first appeared in 1967 in Odhams’ Pow! weekly, one of many comics that combined both adventure and humour strips within its pages – a format that, sadly, seems to have been consigned to history. Mike retained ownership of The Cloak and has brought the character back before (Lew Stringer has more info on his blog and Mike Higgs himself offers more background on The Cloak for both old and new readers in the magazine itself), but now, he’s hopefully back for a longer run, starring in a four-page full colour comic strip in Crikey! Issue 13 that pits him against the Time Tea Leaf – a fun story that brings him to the present day.

Along with this wonderful strip Crikey! 13 also includes an exclusive interview with Kevin O’Neill, the Tony Ingram’s concluding part of his Doctor Who comics series, a feature on Action! comic, and more on the Rise and Fall of Marvel UK.

• A subscription to Crikey! costs £30 for six issues. Subscribe by visiting the Crikey! website here:

Lew Stringer’s Blimey! blog articles on The Cloak:

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