British FX designer Mike Trim headlines Andersonic Nine

andersonic_Issue_9.jpgThe latest issue of the brilliant Gerry Anderson ‘zine Andersonic (Issue 9) is now available and features a new, nine-page interview with designer Mike Trim, who discusses his work on the Anderson series from Thunderbirds through to UFO. His latest project, Agent Crush – a marionette-oriented spy spoof – is currently in post production.

While there’s no comics material this time around, the 44-page magazine does include a feature that recalls a visit to the set of Space:1999‘s last episode, The Dorcons, in December 1976, and a reappraisal of Gerry Anderson’s early supermarionation show, Supercar. Has it been unfairly overlooked in favour of its more colourful descendents? Andersonic argue it’s ‘most satisfactory’!

“X Marks The Spot” takes a look at the X-Planes and concept aircraft of the 50s and 60s that had such an influence on the designers at Century 21, while “The Roots of UFO” examines the film and literary influences that shaped the format of the Andersons’ first live-action series.

Also included are retrospectives of some key episodes from several of the Anderson shows, including UFO‘s Ordeal, and a look at both sides of the argument when it comes to dating the time period of Thunderbirds, which was re-set to the 2020s in the 1990s.

Andersonic is available via the website – price £2.20 including UK postage and also from eBay for a limited period

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