Marvel on Facebook, following other comic companies

Marvel Comics has launched its first digital comics application for the Facebook social network, a community already home to several unofficial Marvel-friendly groups and other comics-related services.

Marvel says the application allows fans to peruse the entire Marvel Digital Universe Unlimited Collection the company launched last November and it will function as a hub for the entire Marvel Universe on Facebook.

While a number of other comic book publishers including US publishers Dark Horse and DC Comics (and ROK Comics, run by downthetubes editor John Freeman) have chosen to promote their titles on MySpace, Marvel decided to work with Facebook, which is currently less popular in the US.

Anyone who fills out the application will be eligible to look (for free) at some sample Marvel digital comics, browse all of the more than 3,000 Marvel Digital Universe Unlimited titles by series, creators, characters or by the most recent additions to the collection, announce their favourites by listing them on “My Must Reads,” and find out what Marvel digital comics their friends are enjoying.

Marvel’s Facebook home will also include character image galleries, videos, and information on Marvel Studios’ upcoming movies like Iron Man.

(ROK has a Facebook application that lets you view a random “free to view” comic created for mobile phones)

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