Marvel Spider-Man editor teases some thrills to come in new Forbidden Planet TV interview

The executive editor of all Marvel’s Spider-Man titles, Nick Lowe, joins Andrew Sumner at Forbidden Planet TV this week to tell fans all about his plans for Spider-Man’s jam-packed 60th Anniversary.

Amazing Spider-Man #900 in in comic shops from 22nd June 2022. Cover by John Romita Jr.
Amazing Spider-Man #900 (Amazing Spider-Man #6) in in comic shops from 22nd June 2022. Cover by John Romita Jr.

In a packed conversation, Nick swings us through his wild web-strewn blueprint for Spider-Man 2022, including his all-new ongoing Amazing Spider-Man series (written by Zeb Wells and illustrated by Spidey veteran John Romita Jr); his plans for Savage Spider-Man by Joe Kelly and Gerardo Sandoval; the launch of Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man by Taboo, B. Earl and Juan Ferreyra; the recent completion of Black Cat and the upcoming launch of Iron Cat by Tochi Onyebuchi and RB Silva; the all-new She-Hulk series by Rainbow Rowell and Roge Antonia; the end of the first volume of Strange Academy; the amazingly extreme work being delivered by Ram V, Al Ewing and Bryan Hitch on Venom… and, as if that wasn’t enough, he’s adding in the 40th Anniversary of the modern age of Miracleman!

Amazing Spider-Man #900 - Momoko variant
Momoko variant
Amazing Spider-Man #900 - wraparound variant
Wraparound variant

Nick teases us about the Super Adaptoid, hints at big things to come in Amazing Spider-Man #900, on sale in June, and outlines the plans for Iron Cat. He’s really excited about She Hulk, especially with the Disney+ series in the works, and is pysched about the return of hero Jack of Hearts.

Nick is particularly delighted to be working with Bryan Hitch on Venom, but is a little cautious about what’s coming up!

Finally, we get an tiny update on Marvel’s plans for Miracleman, both be and Andrew paying tribute to Garry Leach, and hints at big things to come for the character.

Nick’s very excited about Spider-Man’s future and comics current position in pop culture – and pays tribute to all those involved in the recent Spider-Man – No Way Home (warning – spoilers!). Well worth a watch!

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