Marvel UK Projects That Might Have Been: Coronation Street, the comic

While I was at Marvel UK, I contacted TV Times to see if they would be interested in us producing a weekly strip based on Coronation Street. They were. Granada TV were also okay with the idea, but wanted to see 12 sample pages. I had this one written and drawn up by Maureen and Gordon Gray, which I think showed great potential.

Sample art for a proposed 'Coronation Street' comic proposed by Tim Quinn while at Marvel UK.
Sample art for a proposed ‘Coronation Street’ comic proposed by Tim Quinn while at Marvel UK

My feeling was that if Marvel UK could start making money from other than the one main areas (superheroes and young children’s comics) we might be in with a chance of surviving into the new century. Once again the plug was pulled on this at the last minute when the boss decided it wasn’t worth pursuing.

After all, Coronation Street was hardly likely to have a lengthy run, was it?

I recall scripting a similar page for Emmerdale too, but not sure if it got to art stage.

Maureen and Gordon were a delight to work with and we worked a lot together both in the US and over here. Amazing talents in every form of illustration. I have a zillion funny letters from them over the years.

• Tim Quinn is online at mightyquinnmanagement.comBuy his biography Argh! here from Miwk Publishing

Further Reading

MAD Magazine (No.212, December 1979) featuring Coronation Street
MAD Magazine (No.212, December 1979) featuring Coronation Street

Ed Sellek’s ‘Easties’, a comic strip parodying EastEnders for the EastEnders official blog

• The British edition of MAD Magazine (No.212) featured Coronation Street stars on its covers. Copies turn up on eBay and other online auction sites

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  1. That’s a really nice page of art. In this digital age it’s sometimes easy to forget that (in the UK) colour comic art was coloured on the actual boards! Reminds me of the old LookIn strips (that’s a compliment btw). Who drew that?

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