Master Replicas brings back legendary Doctor Who statue line, launching today

Master Replicas will launch their Doctor Who Figurine Collection today, hot on the heels after the announcement that they have acquired the rights to continue the line, one of the longest-running and most successful Doctor Who collections ever released. 

The line will include 1:21 and 1:6 scale statues, TARDIS consoles and vehicles based on 60 years of Doctor Who.

Master Replicas - Doctor Who - Fourth Doctor Mega Figure

The first drop of Doctor Who merchandise today, Friday 8th December, includes a Fourth Doctor Mega Figure, The Fugitive Doctor, the original The Celestial Toymaker, Daleks, K-9 and Movellan figures – full list here, do note it’s likely some of these items will sell out very quickly once sales go live.

To date, Doctor Who Figurine Collection has featured statues from every era of Doctor Who, allowing fans to bring 370 unique characters into their homes, but it was left unfinished when the previous rights holder, Eaglemoss, went into administration in 2022.

Master Replicas new production will fit seamlessly with the original statues and will include new releases of some of the most popular characters including Daleks and Cybermen. 

As before, the statues will be carefully researched by combing through the BBC archives and studying the episodes. They are then digitally sculpted before being cast in polyresin and painted by hand. The collection also includes a line of ‘Mega’ statues that stand between 20 cm and 34 cm tall, a series of TARDIS consoles, and work had begun on a series of vehicles.

Darren Epstein from Heathside commented, “This is a very exciting time for Doctor Who and we’re very happy that we’re able to bring this collection back. The range of statues is incredible. We couldn’t be happier to continue the work and will be bringing the same level of research and attention to detail to the series.

“We’re particular excited to bring the vehicles to life starting with the Dalek Saucer from ‘The Parting of the Ways’.”

Work is underway and the collection will return in 2024. More information will be made available at

The first Doctor Who Drop goes live on 8th December, at 1.00pm West Coast 3.00pm Central, 4.00pm East Coast United States / 8.00am Sydney, Australia / 9.00pm UK / 10.00pm EU / 6.00pm Brazil / 5.00am Hong Kong / 6.00am Japan

Master Replicas is a division of Heathside Trading Ltd a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Pop Culture Consumer Products based in the United Kingdom, offering ranges of product to customers globally on various formats. Relaunching will enhance the ability to target a direct-to-consumer customer going forward. Heathside and its QMx and Khadou brands work and acquire IP for development of product across, TV, Manga, Anime, Film, Gaming and associated entertainment platforms.

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