Rebellion announces 40 Years of Scream! collection for 2024

Celebrating 40 years since IPC launched its iconic, “horror” anthology, Rebellion has announced 40 Years of Scream!, on sale next April – collecting all of the strips included in the 15-issue run of the short-lived weekly comic.

Produced “from the depths” of King’s Reach Tower by the mysterious “undead” editor Ghastly McNasty, the first issue of Scream! was unleashed in March 1984, the first issue cover dated 24th March.

40 Years of Scream! Webshop Exclusive
Scream Number One with free gift

Hit by censorship from management by the get go, the title was derided by some contemporary comic fans at the time, as it often proved more tongue-in-cheek than horrific. But despite some barbs, down the years the short-lived comic has taken on near mythic status, offering strips from such talents as writers Gerry Finley-Day, Simon Furman, Alan Grant, Alan Moore (very briefly), Tom Tully and John Wagner, with art from the likes of Eric Bradbury, Cam Kennedy and Jose Ortiz.

40 Years of Scream!, offered through Rebellion’s Treasury of British Comics imprint in slipcase and standard formats, the new celebratory collection of the entirety of Scream!, includes every single strip published in 1984 from issues 1-15 of the original run.

David Roach’s cover for the Scream collection

The collection is due to be published on Thursday 25th April 2024. There’s no indication in advance information as to whether the collection will include material such as the lost “The Nightcomers” discovered and previously published under license by Hibernia Comics in their It’s Ghastly! Comic Archive in 2016.

The webshop-exclusive slipcase edition is designed by David Roach, making it an even more ghoulishly exciting for true horror afficionados.

40 Years of Scream!
Writers: Gerry Finley-Day, Simon Furman, Alan Grant, Alan Moore, Ian Rimmer, Tom Tully, John Wagner et al
Artists: Eric Bradbury, Cam Kennedy, Jose Ortiz et al
Out: Thursday 25th April 2024
Hardcover, 464 Pages
ISBN: 978-1837861071

Order 40 Years of Scream! Slipcase Edition direct from the Treasury of British Comics web site

Order 40 Years of Scream! Standard Edition direct from the Treasury of British Comics web site

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The stories included in this collection are:

• The Dracula File
Writers: Gerry-Finley Day, Simon Furman Artist: Eric Bradbury
Previously collected in the The Dracula File in 2017

KGB officer Colonel Stakis desperately hunts for Count Dracula, who is spreading terror in 1980’s Britain after escaping from behind the Iron Curtain. Blending Cold War paranoia with horror staples, this strip overcame sustained attempts at censorship to become one of the most popular strips in the 1980s best horror comics.

Fiends and Neighbours 
Writer: Unknown Artist: Graham Allen
A reprint strip from Shiver and Shake, forced on the publication by IPC management, to the dismay of Group Editor Barrie Tomlinson and editor Ian Rimmer

Tales From the Grave
Writers Tom Tully, Ian Rimmer, Scott Goodall Artist: Jim Watson

There is one strip from Scream! that was never concluded, “Tales from the Grave”
is missing its last episode. This particular story arc had started in Scream! issue
14 , titled “The Man they called Doctor Death”, drawn by Jim Watson, written by Rick Hunter, a pseudonym for editor Ian Rimmer, that and was due to be concluded in Scream! issue 16 – one of many stories for the title written inhouse.

Library of Death
Writers Barrie Tomlinson, James Nicholas, Angus Allan Artists: Cam Kennedy, Ron Smith, John Cooper, Brendan McCarthy, Mike Dorey, Steve Dillon

Short ales of terror with titles such as “Out of the Fog!”, “Ghost Dance”, “Sea Beast”, “Terror of the Tomb” and “Spiders can’t Scream!”.

Writers Alan Moore, John Wagner Artists: Henzil, Jesus Redondo
Previously collected as Monster in 2016 and reviewed here by Ian Wheeler

For all of his young life, Kenneth had been plagued by a feeling that there was something horrific dwelling in his house of secrets. But he had to know what was up there. He had to know what had killed his dad. And now he would face the horrors behind the attic door…

Alongside “The Thirteenth Floor”, “Monster” continued after Scream‘s demise in the pages of Eagle

The Nightcomers 
Writer: Tom Tully Artist: John Richardson
A previously unpublished story featured in Hibernia Comics It’s Ghastly Comic Archive

Panels from the re-discovered episode of "The Nightcomers" featured in Hiberna's third Scream-dedicated Comic Archive. Script by Simon Furman, art by José Gonzales
Panels from the re-discovered episode of “The Nightcomers” featured in Hiberna’s third Scream-dedicated Comic Archive. Script by Simon Furman, art by José Gonzales

• Terror of the Cats
Writer: Simon Furman: Artists Gonzalez, John Richardson

• The Thirteenth Floor
Writers John Wagner, Alan Grant Artist Jose Ortiz

The story told of Max the Computer, the superintendent of Maxwell Tower, an experimental council block 18 stories high. Max looked after his tenants – and if anyone gave them any trouble, he would take them straight up to Floor 13. Filled with unspeakable horrors, it could ‘persuade’ even the stubbornest of characters to see Max’s point of view.

Alongside “Monster”, “The Thirteenth Floor” continued after Scream‘s demise in the pages of Eagle, and revived the strip in several specials, and collected the strip in several collections.

The cast of "The Thirteenth Floor", a strip that survived Scream!'s demise and ended up in New Eagle
The cast of “The Thirteenth Floor”, a strip that survived Scream!’s demise and ended up in New Eagle

• A Ghastly Tale
Artists: Mike Western, Mike Dorey, Jose Casanovas Sr

Further Reading…

Monster - from Scream!

Read Ian Wheeler’s review of Monster, collected in 2016 – copies now offered onm Amazon at eyewatering prices

Back From the Depths

Back from the Depths was originally founded as a tribute site dedicated to Scream! Browsing this site you will find character, bios, story lines, cover art and more. The site runners’ aim is to make sure Scream! is never forgotten.

It's Ghastly! - Cover

It’s Ghastly, the untimely demise of Scream!
Read our review here

A Hibernia Comics archive documenting the rise and fall of the weekly horror comic, unfortunately out of print – but you may be able to find copies on eBay

It’s Ghastly delves into the murky world of Scream with contributions from all of its editors, Barrie Tomlinson, Ian Rimmer and Simon Furman to uncover the truth of its demise. Scream‘s six Holiday Specials also come under scrutiny and the book uncovers the origins of such stories as “Black Beth” and Dave Gibbons “The Nightcomer”. Also included is a cover recreation to the unpublished issue 16, and the actual covers to 17, 18, and 19.

The highlight is a complete 16-page “Nightcomer” tale that was due to start probably in issue 18 of Scream!

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