Matt Bucket Primes “The Weapon”, his debut graphic novel

The Weapon, a debut graphic novel from Devon-based artist and writer Matt Buckett, a 136 page graphic novel funded through Kickstarter. A fast paced action adventure dealing with imminent global catastrophe featuring fast cars, crazy technology and “the most tenacious female reporter on the planet”, it’s already got the full backing required and the art is already complete – and there are still a few days left for you to back it and grab a copy and associated goodies, which include blueprints, t-shirts and more.

An adult story with mild profanity, nudity and violence, none of which seems to have put anyone off from backing it, The Weapon is an action adventure set in the deserts of central America. The story follows a scientist, Dr Sam Calder, and his mysterious companion, The Driver, as they attempt to prevent a global disaster that Sam may ultimately be responsible for.

Art from "The Weapon" by Matt Bucket

Art from “The Weapon” by Matt Bucket

Sam has been instrumental in building a machine that uses unique technology developed using a crystal harvested from a meteorite. This machine has been stolen by terrorists who intend to use it as a weapon.

Other key players include, a journalist, Jenny Shannon, chasing a conspiracy theory, her informant, Zack Norris, who works with Sam at New Breakthrough Technologies and the CEO of the company, Mr Langman, who acts suspiciously like the mastermind behind the highjacking of The Weapon.

The extra ‘fly’ in the ointment is a secret Government Agency called The AGE (American Guard Elite) who are chasing Sam and The Driver in an attempt to silence anyone involved with construction of The Weapon.

Artist and writer Matt has  a degree in Fine Art and has been producing works of art for commission and galleries for many years. The Weapon is his first graphic novel, a project that’s taken five years to bring to fruition since he began writing the script – tow of them spent drawing it. He’s now started on follow ups, after the project achieved over double the required funding.

• To back The Weapon visit the Kickstarter page here | For more about Matt’s work visit his official web site at or

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