Matt Smith’s Doctor Who Covered in New Book

Books about Doctor Who aren’t exactly rare these days and downthetubes wouldn’t even begin to try to cover all of them. But every so often, a title of particular interest emerges which is worth looking out for. Often these are labours of love from smaller publishers, devoid of official status and the BBC Doctor Who logo.  

The Pandorica Opens by Frank Collins (contributor to the Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s Celestial Toyroom magazine and the man behind the excellent Cathode Ray Tube blog) looks like being a highly informative and interesting look at Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor.

This is not a “who directed which scene on which day” kind of book. To quote Frank: “this is not an episode guide. You won’t find a minutiae of detail about the production of the series, nor will you find exhaustive cast and crew lists.

“It’s not a ‘making of’, it’s more of a ‘what does that episode really mean’ book.”

Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens is available for pre-order from Classic TV Press.

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