Meet “Chuff” – and Ben Racey, British Rail superhero!

Regular readers of downthetubes will recall how earlier this year we reported on Britain’s National Railways‘ foray into superheroes with safety-conscious Captain Caution, back in the 1980s – but he wasn’t their only costumed crusader!

Back in 1985, National Rail came up with a superhero-inspired promotion with art by 2000AD‘s Ron Smith, no doubt in the hope that their Captain Caution would do for rail safety what the Green Cross Man had been doing to encourage kids to be careful crossing roads.

British Rail didn’t just have Captain Caution saving kids from harm in the 1980s, however. As we noted, the Rail Riders young rail enthusiasts club, originally called Great Rail Club, run by British Rail between 1981 and 1991, promoted by Keith Chegwin. It had its own quarterly magazine, Rail Riders Express, and downthetubes contributor Richard Sheaf is posting examples of its superhero strip, “Ben Racey“, on his Boys Adventure Adventure Comics blog.

Back in 1986, Richard won a year’s subscription to Rail Riders magazine thanks to a competition in new Eagle, and has kept his copies, which include “Ben Racey”, and a wonderful humour strip “Chuff”, by the brilliant Dick Millington, who’s perhaps best known for his work on TV Comic, on strips such as “Mighty Moth“.

Chuff by Dick Millington

Of course, with every find like this comes another mystery. Who was Richard Hall, writer and artist on “Ben Racey”? Does anyone have any information?

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