Meet Cruffin and Muffnut in a tale of unrequited love by Alex Hahn

he Cruffin and Muffnut, a story of unrequited love by Alex Hahn


Freelance illustrator and independent publisher Alex Hahn (who some of you may have met at Thought Bubble last year) recently launched The Cruffin and Muffnut, a story of unrequited love, a new book featuring Muffnut, a character who made made his tasty debut in another zine of his, That Takes The Cake.

Alex has been building a career in editorial illustration since he graduated from the Cambridge School of Art in 2011, as well as making small press zines and books and independently publishing his ongoing comic-diary ‘Post Conatus‘ as a full 100-page graphic novel. He’s also the creator of creator of Blop the Martian.

The frontispiece for he Cruffin and Muffnut, a story of unrequited love by Alex Hahn

The frontispiece for the Cruffin and Muffnut, a story of unrequited love by Alex Hahn


In this quirky-looking new tale from this talented artist, you’re invited to catch up with the now love-struck Muffnut (the seamless fusion of muffin & doughnut), pining after the affection of his French fancy the Cruffin (she’s actually a … you can work it out) who,unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be interested at all.

It’s a fresh take on a timeless theme; a tasty tale of unrequited love, made with metaphorical muffins -seasoned with moments of truth -is for anyone whose feelings weren’t reciprocated -or those who really like cake!

• Self Published by Alex under his brand new Portmanteaux Picture Books imprint, the 76-page The Cruffin and Muffnut, a story of unrequited love is available from his Etsy shop here for just £6, or or

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More books and comics available from Alex Hahn via Etsy

Another of Alex Hahn's creations, Blop the Martian.

Another of Alex’s creations, Blop the Martian. Find out more on Facebook

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