Meet The77 Creators: Comics Creator Bambos Georgiou

The77: Comics Creator Bambos Georgiou

The77 – The Summer Special features a great range of strips from a wide range of comic creators, and we’re thrilled to present, a series of tie-in “Meet the Creator” interviews conducted by Morgan Spiceman with the writers and artists involved in the project.

This time out, it’s a quick chat with Bambos Georgiou – a comic creator with over 30 years experience in the industry – drawing, inking, lettering, writing, editing, commissioning, teaching and publishing.

Bambos has worked for industry giants Marvel (UK and US) and DC Comics and with much loved characters such as Wallace and Gromit and the Spider-Man, and on the Doctor Who comic strip. He has also worked for Medikidz, an award-winning publication helping children and young people understand illness and medical concepts and adult publications such as The Tatler and The Sunday Times.

As part of the UK’s independent comic publishing movement, Bambos was a founder member of co-operative Acme Press Ltd. A comics industry innovator, he co-founded the ground-breaking on-line creator-owned comics anthology Aces Weekly with David Lloyd (V for Vendetta) back in 2012, and is founder of the Sheffield Comics Network, a meet-up for comic creatives and enthusiasts in Yorkshire.

 Doctor Queer, in... "Pigeons From Hull" by Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid
Doctor Queer, in… “Pigeons From Hull” by Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid

Bambos’s specialities include teaching comic book creation to children and young people in schools, libraries and art charities; talent development, championing new talent whilst an editor for print and digital comics and innovative graphic novel workshops for adults.

What is The77 to you?

Bambos Georgiou: An anthology title. I thought it was meant to hark back to the early days of 2000AD so I wrote something in that vein.

How did you get involved?

Bambos: I heard about it through The77-2000AD Facebook page and sent off a sample idea. The initial idea got rejected, so I re-worked an unused “Future Shock” idea of mine from way back.

What is your story, “The Cell” about?

The77 - The Cell by Bambos Georgiou and and Andrew Sawyers
The opening page of “The Cell” by Bambos Georgiou and and Andrew Sawyers

Bambos: A future world which is hugely overcrowded and low on resources.

Who are the characters?

Bambos: 5T3V3N is the main character, a malcontent who questions the status quo. 8AR8ARA is introduced in Episode 2. They’re not free – they are numbers.

Where did you get the idea for the story?

Bambos: It was a “Future Shock” proposal from way back that was originally intended as a one shot but Andrew Sawyers, the artist, wanted to expand it and The77 founders, Ben Cullis and Steve Bull were up for it – so I’ve just kept developing it, seeing where it takes us.

What are your hopes for The77?

Bambos: That it will keep going and be in a position to start paying contributors, even if it is just a small amount.

(The77 currently divide all profits between all of the creators – Ed)

Jabba the Hutt by Art Wetherell, inked by Bambos Georgiou, for the UKCAC book, 1995. With thanks to Reuben Wilmott
Jabba the Hutt by Art Wetherell, inked by Bambos Georgiou, for the UKCAC book, 1995. With thanks to Reuben Wilmott

How long have you been writing?

Bambos: Since the late 1980s, I think. I sold some “Sid’s Snake” and “Sammy Shrink” scripts for a Whizzer & Chips annual and a Starblazer script to DC Thomson. But I’ve always had a hard time selling scripts, so have usually fallen back onto inking etc. I must be crap and just don’t realise it.

Who are your favourite writers?

Bambos: Probably Stan Lee, Alan Moore, John Wagner and Alan Grant, Pat Mills, Doug Moench and Don McGregor.

What are your favourite comics?

Bambos: Too many to list.

Bambos: What are your influences?

Bambos: I am not currently under the influence.

What characters would you love to write?

Bambos: My own.

Max Million © Bambos Georgiou and Karl Engracia
Max Million © Bambos Georgiou and Karl Engracia, first published in Aces Weekly

Who would you like to work with?

Bambos: I’m supposed to be working on something with Paul McCaffrey – but we can’t get round to it.

What advice would you have for upcoming writers?

Bambos: Get a proper job first!

Charles, thanks very much for your time and the best of luck with all your projects!

The77 – The Summer Special is available to order here from GetMyComics

• Follow the Kickstarter for The77 #3, which ends 6th September 2020, by using this link to receive a notification. #4 will be released mid October

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