Mike Carroll and John Higgins dive deep into ‘Dredd’ prequel ‘Dreadnoughts’

A brand-new “Dreadnoughts” debuts this week in Judge Dredd Megazine and AIPT has a great interview with writer Michael Carroll and artist John Higgins about the project.

“‘Dreadnoughts’ is a prequel to the long-running Judge Dredd comic,” Michael explains.”In Dredd’s stories, set about 120 years from now in the oppressive and overcrowded Mega-City One, the Judges have the power to dispense instant justice. If a Judge decides you’re guilty, then they’ll sentence you on the spot. No lengthy, expensive trials, no risk of jury-tampering, no clever lawyers finding obscure loopholes in ancient laws… And no appeals. The right to due process has been hacked out of the constitution.

“‘Dreadnoughts’ – which is set in the mid-2030s – explores the introduction of the first Judges and the massive social and political impact they have on the people of the USA. So ‘Dreadnoughts’ is pretty much the USA that we know today, but with a couple of steps taken in the direction Dredd’s world. And unfortunately not the fun steps… Everyone wants the ‘flying cars and robot butlers’ future, but the ‘brutal fascism masquerading as benevolence’ future is more likely. There’s not a lot of room for whimsy here!”

Read the full interview on AIPT

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