Mirabalis Christmas Ghost Story is an Online Gem

We plugged the Mirabilis team’s free-to-download Year of Wonders PDF comic just yesterday, but we’re so knocked out by the Henry James-styled Christmas ghost story that we’re urging you all to head over and grab your own copy – described as a “work in progress” – as soon as possible. It’s just fab.

“Christmas Eve in particular is a time when the world holds its breath, the pulse of time fluttering to nothing for an instant before it begins again,” says Dave Morris in his introduction to the tale. “Could there be a more appropriate time to settle down with a tale to send shivers up your spine?”

“A Wrong Turning” is one of half a dozen self-contained seasonal stories originally written to promote Mirabilis, a strip which fisrt saw light in the weekly The DFC comic from Random House and is now enjoying a new life online.

There’s nothing about the story that marks it as being set in the Mirabilis universe, however. A bereaved father and son take a detour that leads them into an eerie encounter with the next world. The tight, atmospheric pencils are by Martin McKenna, and you’ll see right away why he is so in demand for movie storyboarding, his art style evocative of the likes of great Creepy artists like Gray Morrow, Reed Crandall, Angelo Torres and Al Williamson.

You’ll find the PDF of “A Wrong Turning” here. “Go ahead, it’s our Christmas present to you,” urges Dave. “All we ask is that, if you enjoy it, please send it to at least two friends who you think might like it, and ask them to do the same. If you have a blog or a website whose readers might appreciate a little scare, by all means feel free to put it up there too.

“2010 is the year we’re planning to embrace viral marketing, and we mean to hit the ground running.”

Mirabalis Official Web Site

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