Modiphius Thunderbirds game Expansion details revealed

Modiphius Thunderbirds Co-Operative Board Game

Modiphius Entertainment has just released information for the expansion to their Thunderbirds board game, Thunderbirds: Tracy Island.

The expansion on the Thunderbirds co-operative board game will require the base game to play. It  includes new cards, playable characters, machines and models of 14 pod vehicles, designed to help International Rescue avert new disasters and save lives.

Thunderbirds RPG: Tracy Island

The expansion introduces new elements in the fight between the villainous The Hood and the heroic Tracy family and includes 56 new disaster cards, four F.A.B. cards, four event cards, three character cards, four pod vehicle tokens, three new models, three character pegs, 14 pod vehicle models, and two gameboard overlays.

The original game, designed by Pandemic veteran Matt Leacock, was released last year, initially funded via Kickstarter, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the TV show. The expansion is set for an August 2016 release.

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More about the game on the Modiphius web site

There’s a great review of both the base game and the expansions, including Tracy Island here by Graham Andrew Rutland

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