Moleskine announces London “urban sketching” event

Moleskin's "Urban Sketching" Competition 2014

Image courtesy of Moleskin

Moleskin's "Urban Sketching" Competition 2014

Image courtesy of Moleskin


On Saturday 6th September Moleskine (the makers of the iconic notebooks and more) are hosting “the rise of urban sketching” event in London. The brand are collaborating with some highly talented sketchers who will be showcasing their skills during live demos throughout the day.

The sketchers are part of an art movement called “urban sketchers”, founded by Spanish born illustrator and journalist Gabriel Campanario (check out his sketches of Seattle here). The movement has been going strong since 2007, the urban sketchers see their urban world as they draw it, using different kinds of media to showcase their individuality. From sketching on a busy commute to observing the world from a coffee shop, there are no boundaries when it comes to urban sketching.

These sketching sessions will be held at the Moleskine store (40 King Street) and the London Graphic Centre.

Participants are encouraged to register to take part in a learning session and the first 150 attendees will take home a complimentary stylish sketch album.

• Register now to meet with the sketchers and to take home your very own Moleskin sketch album:

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