Monsters of rock, monsters from Hell, and half a chance to save the world in graphic novel Kickstarter, launching soon

The Gentlemen Ghouls: The Apocalypse Trilogy

The Gentlemen Ghouls: The Apocalypse Trilogy, the acclaimed high-camp horror comics series in the lurid Hammer tradition, launches a 30-day Kickstarter for a deluxe edition on Monday 23rd January 2023 in print and PDF. The comic from writer Martin Hayes, artist Alfie Gallagher, and letterer Bram Meehan was originally serialised online in David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly and the 132-page, A5 softcover collects all three volumes plus a new short story and afterword.

London, 1972 is a swirling cesspit of vice and corruption, one giant madhouse full to bursting — with Bowie, Zeppelin, and Sabbath soundtracking the greatest battle between good and evil ever beheld by mortal man. When sinister gears turn and apocalyptic machinations play out, two aging consulting occultists, a couple of ham-fisted coppers, and a rebellious reporter must confront vampires, demons, the occasional rock star, and the Devil himself to keep all bloody Hell from coming to Earth. Three chapters each take their cue from a classic rock song, combining heavy metal with a seedy seam of 1970s cop shows and occult mischief. 

“I’ve always wanted to do something that would hit the big Hammer touchstones of monsters, vampires, and devil worship,’ says writer Martin Hayes, “and I couldn’t resist throwing in the best parts of the gritty British cop shows that we used to pick up with our extra-high aerials here on the east coast of Ireland.”

Artist Alfie Gallagher adds, “we’re not going for po-faced serious horror, it’s campy glammy trashy hi-jinx with figures and symbols from horror crashing through the grubby setting of London 1972 — and it’s been a hell of a lot of fun.”

When the Kickstarter launches on Monday 23rd January, will point to the campaign page. The book is completed and ready for print and electronic distribution at the conclusion of the Kickstarter.

Additional rewards include a digital publication with 50 pages of behind-the-scenes art process, original art, and commissioned sketches. Stretch goals include a sheet of six stickers and two beer mats inspired by the world of The Gentlemen Ghouls.

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Writer Martin Hayes lives in Arklow, a small town on the east coast of Ireland. He has written dozens of short stories and essays for publications such as Nature, The Stinging Fly, and Claret. His comic work includes EarthWorks, Abominable Glory, andAleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste.

Artist Alfie Gallagher has been involved on art duties on a number of successful Kickstarter comic projects, EarthWorks, Debris, EIR, and the sketchbook collection Latin Drawn & Quartered.He has also self-published his own material Charlatan Tales and has created artwork for Zarjaz and FutureQuake. He is currently working on a fantasy adventure story with Fraser Campbell. 

Letterer Bram Meehan is a graphic designer living in the desert southwest of the United States in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He provides lettering and logo and publication design for comics, and is on the board of and teaches for 7000 BC, a nonprofit supporting comics education and comics creators. 

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