Steve White’s “The Bone Cabin Chronicles” available now

The Bone Cabin Chronicles by Steve White

Illustrator and comic creator Steve White has self published The Bone Cabin Chronicles – an A-Z of dark poetry inspired by Edward Gorey’s Gashlycrumb Tinies, that details the rich and varied ways prehistoric animals could meet their end.

“Anyone familiar with Edward Gorey will be familiar with the concept,” Steve says of the book, which is available now through his Etsy store at Steve White Art if you’re in the UK or United States. With art and text by Steve, it should appeal to lovers of dinosaurian dark humour, and has an educational twist!

Steve has worked in the comics industry for over three decades, his career starting at the offices of Marvel UK in 1986. Working his way up from colour separator – a discipline now lost in the mists of time – to senior editor, colourist and writer, his credits range across a plethora of titles for both Marvel US and UK, from Care Bears to The Knights of Pendragon. After Marvel, he worked in the UK offices of Tundra and as senior editor at Titan Comics.

He continues to maintain a hand in the comics genre, as senior editor at Hachette Partworks, working on numerous comics-related collections such as the Judge Dredd Mega Collection, Transformers: The Definitive G1 Collection and various Marvel lines.

Mesozoic Art: Dinosaurs and Other Ancient Animals in Art, edited by Steve White zoologist Darren Naish
Mesozoic Art: Dinosaurs and Other Ancient Animals in Art, edited by Steve White zoologist Darren Naish

Today, he’s perhaps known more widely as an illustrator and artist, specialising in creating incredible natural history art, and since departing Titan in 2016, has seen his artistic career gather deserved momentum.

Recent projects include Mesozoic Art: Dinosaurs and Other Ancient Animals in Art, co-edited with zoologist Darren Naish, published by Bloomsbury last year.

Order your copy of The Bone Cabin Chronicles here


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