Myne adds Wallace & Gromit “30 Cracking Years” to RFID blocker security card design offer

Wallace & Gromit "30 Cracking Years" Myne CardMyne Cards – a company specialising in credit card-sized devices to place into wallets and purses, which give protection over all contactless cards – has just added a special 30th Anniversary “30 Cracking Years” Wallace & Gromit card to its catalogue.

As we previously reported when the company launched its Wallace & Gromit range back in July, Myne Cards are specifically designed to block a fraudster’s card reader, so the only time your contactless card is shared is when you want it to be.

Available from direct from Myne Cards, their new “30 Cracking Years” anniversary card joins three other Wallace and Gromit designs, each showing the characters from different shorts over their 30-year history, one a scene from A Grand Day Out, one featuring the train chase scene from The Wrong Trousers, and another a scene from A Matter of Loaf and Death.

If you buy the “30 Cracking Years” Card direct from Myne Cards, there’s currently a discount on the purchase of any other Myne Card you buy at the same time – get an extra one for just £5, while stocks last.

Wallace & Gromit "30 Cracking Years" Myne Card

Myne Cards are specifically designed to block fraudsters card readers, so the only time your contactless card is read is when you want to be. While contactless cards mean that you can just touch your bank card against a card till and payment up to £30 is made, saving time and making it easier to use than chip and pin and mobile wallets (eg Apple/Android Pay), there are risks. Fraudsters and consumer rights groups have easily read the info on a contactless card and then used those details to make purchases.

Wallace & Gromit "30 Cracking Years" Myne Card

Wallace & Gromit "30 Cracking Years" Myne Card - How it Works

Wallace & Gromit “30 Cracking Years” Myne Card – How it Works

Contactless card readers (and phone apps!) are easily available to fraudsters and they can read contactless cards through bags, coats and wallets, so a crowded area, for example, is prime for fraudsters, with no pick-pocketing needed.

Myne Cards use the latest RFID blocker technology, so even your latest bank cards are protected.

The Myne Cards team tell us this special “30 Cracking Years” Wallace & Gromit card is the first in a planned expansion of designs on offer – watch this space!

Order your “30 Cracking Years” Wallace & Gromit Myne Card here

Myne Cards provided a sample Myne Card for the purpose of this story | Wallace & Gromit © Aardman Animation | Myne Cards © 2019 Myne Cards

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