Check out Christopher Hazeldine’s “Golf Girl” comic at Thought Bubble

Comic creator Christopher Hazeldine‘s latest project, Golf Girl, is one of a number of new comics that will be in the spotlight at this year’s Thought Bubble – and it looks great fun.

A 28-pages small press comic from the creator of The Templars of the Shifting Verse, Golf Girl introduces Becky Jones, a 16-year-old living with her dad in a seaside town in the UK.

She’s in her final year of secondary school and has just started her new job as Sales Assistant at Golf World – a small golf course on the edge of town.

The trouble is… Becky Jones hates golf! After all, for her, it’s just polo for people who aren’t trusted by horses. But her life is set to change when an incident at the town’s secretive science facility – ReaLabs (not a gym) – grants her superpowers tied to a mysterious sprite.

Unfortunately for Becky, the sprite decided that golf powers were the most appropriate fit for her…

The opening page of Christopher Hazeldine’s “Golf Girl”

The opening page of Christopher Hazeldine’s “Golf Girl”

“It’s the superhero origin story you know,” says Christopher, “brought down to Earth by levels of naffness that can only be experienced by a disappointing holiday in Worthing; the frustration known to a teenager working in a lame job and wondering if it’s the only thing they’ll ever have going for them, and the confusion when a load of paramilitary scientists show up and try to kidnap you.

“All that remains to be said is, it gets weird, and it’s going to get weirder!”

Golf Girl will be available at Thought Bubble 2019 – Table 202a in the comiXology Originals Hall with exclusive fun stickers dissing golf and a very limited number of original A5 character drawings for the first 20 people who buy a copy

Golf Girl will also be uploaded online to WebToon at a later date to a regular schedule – for more information, follow the project on Twitter @Golf_Girl_Comic and Instagram @Golfgirlcomic

Christopher Hazeldine is online at

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