"Mystery" 5 By 5 Festival: Details Emerge

After our recent news story about rumours that ComicCon was coming to London’s 02 venue next year – a report flatly denied by the organisers of the US San Diego ComicCon who have since stated categorically they had not licensed the brand to anyone for UK use – ace cult site Geek Syndicate has set the story straight with the publication of a press release from 5 by 5 Media (PDF), which offers more information on the upcoming 5 by 5 Festival.

The Festival will take place in East London in June and July and is described by 5 by 5 Media’s Chief Executive Liam Fisher as a celebration of films, music, art and fashion. The confirmed content will be announced to the public in due course. In an official press release published on the Geek Syndicate site in full, Mr Fisher does not mention any of the rumoured comics guests suggested in recent days, which included Alan Moore – known to avoid conventions these days like the plague – and Stan Lee.

As for the rumours of a comics event at the 02 next year which began with a now clearly erroneous story over on ComicRelated, Mr Fisher confirms he does have plans to use the venue “for several events” but makes no mention of any reported connection with the US ComicCon.

“I have plans to hold several major pop culture events across Europe and as soon as everything is finalised it will be announced,” he states. “I have plans to use the 02 Arena for several events and when these are finalised they will be announced.”

Commenting on the rumours, Mr Fisher says “I really appreciate the level of interest, excitement, panic and hype already built around an incorrect ‘news’ story.” Resisting the urge to be drawn further on his plans he says anything comics fans may have heard about them “can be dismissed as hearsay and either laughed at and ridiculed, cursed or iglnored depending on what mood you’re in.

“Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled as all will soon become clear. Trust me, when the time is right, my communication will be nothing less than 5 by 5.”

We hope to keep you posted on developments as they happen. Our thanks to Barry Nugent at Geek Syndicate for drawing our attention to the release and we’re more than happy to hopefully help set matters straight.

Read the press release in full from 5 By 5 (PDF)

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