Neil Gaiman’s Keynote at the London Book Fair – Video

Here’s Neil Gaiman‘s keynote speech at this year’s London Book Fair, in which he talks about the need to experiment with new media and pretty much sums up what we’re all thinking -no-one knows what is really going to work in the new digital medium – so experiment.

Gaiman believes that “Amazon, Google and all of those things probably aren’t the enemy. The enemy right now is simply refusing to understand that the world is changing”. 

With a nod to forward thinker Cory Doctorow (“Think like a dandelion”) he said later of the speech: “When the rules are gone you can make up your own rules. You can fail, you can fail more interestingly, you can try things, and you can succeed in ways nobody would have thought of, because you’re pushing through a door marked no entrance, you’re walking in through it. You can do all of that stuff but you just have to become a dandelion, be wiling for things to fail, throw things out there, try things, and see what sticks.”

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