Nemo: The Roses of Berlin gets digital launch in advance of print edition on SEQUENTIAL


Nemo: The Roses of Berlin, the latest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen tale from Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill, has been released digitally on Panel Nine’s SEQUENTIAL app today, in advance of its print release next week (3rd March).

Nemo: The Roses of Berlin - Sample Art Nemo: The Roses of Berlin - Sample Art

Following the further adventures of Janni Nemo, daughter of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen member Captain Nemo, as this new tales continues in the adventurous tradition of their self-contained thriller Heart of Ice. Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill present a blazing narrative that rampages through twentieth century culture and portrays the volatile convergence of four startling and striking women in a place of long totalitarian shadows.

In the first volume we saw Janni Nemo journey into the farthest frozen reaches of the Antarctic to lay her father’s burdensome legacy to rest, barely escaping with her life. Now, in 1941, with her own prodigious daughter, they find themselves under the attention of the absurd German dictator Adenoid Hynkel and his frightening technical creations.

When Nemo learns that her loved ones are being held captive in Berlin, she has no choice to travel with her lover Broad Arrow Jack into the belly of the beast. Within this city Nemo faces blasphemous creations, madmen, enemies of the past and her greatest losses.

A thrilling self-contained adventure Nemo: The Roses of Berlin is published by Knockabout Comics in UK and Europe and Top Shelf Comics in the US.

Nemo: The Roses of Berlin is out today on SEQUENTIAL. Get it today for just $3.99 / £2.49:

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